Sunday, May 19, 2013

Windows Problems

I need a new computer. That's basically what this week has been saying. My drivers for Android phones don't work. I'm not actually sure how to solve this, but I know my Windows Update hasn't been working. So this week I've been repairing Windows Update. I tried a ton of different solutions online, and narrowed down my problem a little bit. Finally, I just posted on a techsupport forum ( They've been super helpful! A few told me to try things I'd already tried, but a lot of it was helpful. One guy even told me where to find a Windows Recovery disk, which I hope is going to solve my problems.

Other than that, I made a few relevant changes to the screen size/resolution. It's still quite buggy though, and I need to more research into porting to Android devices. Right now I'm trying to keep just one version of the game that I can play on both Windows and Android. Theoretically this is possible because I'm using Gamemaker which can export the same code to both platforms, but it may not be realistic. The immediate difficulty is simply a different screen size: most Android devices have a size of 480wx800h, but my Windows laptop has 1280wx800h. And both Android and Windows can have even more sizes than that. Right now my rooms are just too large for the Android device - either it shrinks everything or only displays one portion of the screen. I can programatically adjust the size of my rooms, but it may be better to also have separate Android and Windows rooms. I need to try out more things and do a little more research.

Sorry for the short post - I didn't get that much done this week and tech support is really quite boring. Hopefully soon I will be able to test the game on my phone without having to build an apk. I'd also like to get the screen resolution working, and fix a few other bugs I found on Android.

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